Thursday, December 19, 2013

Suggestions and Holiday Salutations!!

One of the things I do when I write one of these things, generally is sit back, start typing and let the blog Gods take it where they may.  From all of the bits and pieces I try to pick whatever is the most coherent (that being extremely relative in my case) and try to run with it.  I try to think about the kinds of things I would like to read about (cuz, after all, it is ALL about me!!!), and try to present them in a way that is helpful and or entertaining to those who may choose the read them.  I do get a little gun shy a lot of the time, as I know there are some really good bloggers out there and I wonder just how I rate?

I know I have something of a target audience, mostly folks from the most awesome Clan of Darkness guild, and a few others here and there, and I am so grateful for everyone who come to read what I post.

All of this hoo-ha being said, I would like to open things up to you all.  If there is anything you would like me to tackle, please please let me know.  Or I am happy to go with my usual rabble!!

I wish you all the best, happiest, and safest of holidays!!


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Kicked by an add-on?!?!?!?!

So last night I am doing LFR last night with my raid buddies....the first time on my litte lady Dwarf DK.  We had made it all the way to Garrosh one shotting all the bosses until the first attempt on him.  I got up to have a wazzer and get a glass of soda, and came back to start the second attempt only to see her in Stormwind with a message in my chat box that stated "You were away during a ready  check and have been removed from the party"

None of my friends in the party saw a vote to kick box.


Anyone know this add-on?

I want to submit a post to have the add on banned.



Fracking addon!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Just how many guilds I am in and why.

Guilds, guilds, guilds!!   (Am I even spelling that correctly?)

Back in '08 while running around the human starting area on my then human Paladin, Annamia (she's a Dwarf now), I was asked by a stranger to sign a guild charter for a whooping five gold.  I had no idea what I was being asked to do, and I feared that said stranger was some kind of reprobate that was after my private information, or some kind of sickie that would expect me to compromise my morals....wait....I had morals back then?

Regardless of the fact that she and I became friends and I have since met her and her family, as of right now I am part of five different guilds.  (ITS JUST SO SAD!!!)  Two are mine.  One is one of the three largest guilds in WOW, and its not AIE!  Its Taint on Proudmore.....cuz I am proud gay wow playing dude and I loved the idea of joining a huge guild where we discuss some of the most amazing things in guild chat! Not that AIE is not fantastic, but I just didn't feel very welcome there, no offense, just not a good fit.

Taint is a lot of fun, but as I am not on those toons with any degree of frequency, the few people I met there have gone off to do there own things, but the good thing is that there are almost always people on who want to do the same thing I want to do...talking trash in guild chat is one of them!!!!

The other mass guild is The Clan of Darkness on Earthen Ring.  Something of an off shoot of AIE, but created and run by Ctrl-Alt-Wow, is a podcast fan guild with a lot of people who love to play wow, and goof around in in large groups usually on friday nights!!   So many wonderful people in that guild, alas, this is not where I spend a majority of my time either, which is TOTALLY my loss.

The last two are my own creations!!  Rabid Kittens....a name that came up as a joke, and has been me and my long time friends' guild.  A very nice level 25 guild we leveled up all on our own...(all seven of us at the time), and my little level 2 Horde guild on Ysondre called Living Dead um...if anyone is up for leveling a guild....FEMALE TOONS ONLY!!!

Peace...and thank you for listening!  XOXOX