Monday, May 26, 2014

The add-on/cheating line

Yes, its been nearly two months since I last published.  And to be honest the thought of even looking at this thing hasn't even crossed my mind.  This is partly due to issues in real life.  Although I often fantasize about being the "emo artist", writing while I am depressed or unhappy is more work then I want it to be, so I don't, cuz I am sure no one wants to read that kind of thing anyway!

So, what shall I talk about? 

Here is one subject that always seems to raise a voice or two:  When do add-ons become cheating?

Now I am SO not being all mother superior here, and there have been times and places when and edge was made available to me and I took advantage of it, and afterwards never felt very good about it.  These times were when I was horribly stuck on something like Tomb Raider or Spyro the Dragon, or Medievil, or Kingdom Hearts.  I remember trying over and over and over to kill Ursula in KH and after weeks consulted a cheat guide, beat her, and then didn't go back to the game for a while because I felt guilty.

The one add-on that I did stop using (remember, this is my own opinion, and everyone else is free to think or use what ever they want), was spell-flash.  There was something about it telling me what I should do next that gave me that same feeling that I got when I started eating my Thanksgiving dinner before someone started saying grace. Now, to be my own Devils advocate here, one could argue that Deadly Boss Mods tells me when to move or when to taunt, so......

I dunno!  Is this a huge issue that is going to break the game...of course not.  I find I have something of an issue with mods like: Healers have to die m(more because I play lots of healers) or any add-on that reads and broadcasts MY cool downs to another player...those piss me off.

Just a wondering here!

Best and love to you all!! 



  1. I have to admit I have mixed opinions on addons, I use several including one which shows me when my cc etc is about to expire on people/mobs. I've also had Healers have to die installed briefly but discovered I actually found it easier to identify/target healers myself than to have an addon do it for me, especially since there is always a time delay. Are these particular addons cheating? I tend to err towards not but there is definitely the arms race issue with addons in games like WoW. I would prefer it if Blizzard made their own UI and raid frames in particular a bit more customisable and then closed the door on addons but I suspect they prefer the current system.

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