Saturday, January 24, 2015

Leveling heals!

As some of you may recall in the past I have mentioned that I have become something of a toon/class purist.  When dual spec'ing became nothing more than the press of a button I used this to create, for me, a spec for PVE and a spec for PVP.   Trouble is I found that as the toon leveled one of the spec's went on to be used less and when I did try to play it often fell WAY short on doing so with any degree of proficiency.

What a grand excuse to roll MORE TOONS....

Er, um, so the conundrum created as a result of this is....I have to level my healers as healers. 

One of my more recently created toons is Aelona:

She is my first Mistweaver monk, it is a toon I bonded with fairly immediately (always a good thing!), and I was able to level her from 90-100 as a Mistweaver!  Now the kick here is that the class has the Stance of The Spirited Crane.  The stance boots DPS but still allows for a decent amount of heals.  There is no equivalent for the other healers.  Alas, I found that trying to take on mobs of the same level took way too long and if there were two or three of them it ended up being much too much of a close call.

The best thing for me was to level her to 93 using LFG and BG's and THEN tackle questing. 

Frankly it kind of sucks!

The first toon a leveled was a Blood DK, as a Blood DK.  Slower killing, but she wudnt going to die no matters!  Second was Aelona........way to long to kill anything not at least two levels below her, but it also takes too long for mobs to die!  Next has been my Fury Warrior, Zyrranelda....who kills anything in three seconds or less.

The next healer I am working on is my Tauren Druid Klowd.  Klowd  Ive gotten about half way through the starting event....and lemme tell ya...killing anything is a TOTAL event.  Its starts with a Wrath at the farthest possible range followed by a Starfire, kitty form shread, but not before applying a Rejuv, and dropping a shroom, and the killing what ever while I am in bear form....I am tired after typing all that.

So lets see how it goes, shall we?  Anyone else doing anything like this or am a I a true snowflake...."CHARLIE....."

Love and hugs

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