Tuesday, March 11, 2014


You know you are an altaholic when:  The process by which you decide which toon you are going to boost to level 90 leaves you anxious and sweaty, and is eventually left up to something other than your decision!

This was me the other night folks!!  I was going to wait, ride it out....decide on my own time...blah blah....but then my OCD kicked in the mere knowledge that that new amazing ICON was floating on my selection screen was making me nuts!!

I knew I would NOT be boosting any Alliance toons as I have 10 Alli 90's that I spend most of my time on.....so nish nish on that!

I also knew I would not be leveling any of my Horde toon on Ysondre, where be my level two, female toons only guild I call Living Dead Gurls.   That is my little guild that I plan to try and focus more on leveling at some point and all of the guild rep you get from questing will work out better on lower level toons.

So that left Proudmoore and Earthen Ring! 

So of course...it was CAW....My NEW level 90 Panda Prot Warrior who can tank for the guild!!!



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