Thursday, March 27, 2014

Surviving Boost-gate!

Since the option to boost a toon up to 90 has been available for a while now, its no surprise that I've been hearing comments about it in just about every available medium.  Podcasts, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter have been alight with tales of woe ranging from Boost remorse to folks who are more than happy to humiliate an obviously under-geared, less experienced player by calling them "boobs" (boosted + noob).

Oh brother!

After warlocks went through their class change a while back, I was having THE hardest time making the new skills and talents make any sense.  Out of sheer frustration and spite, I removed all of my spell and ability icons from their boxes on my UI, logged off and sat in the dark pouting for a while.  After my tantrum I shamefacedly logged back in and realized I had a great opportunity at totally changing how I played that toon.

What I am going to offer here is my suggestion to someone who has boosted a toon to level 90.  Mind you I am no genius and my suggestion may sound crazy silly, but here 'tis any way.

Each class has abilities that:
Buff themselves
Debuff the enemy to make them weaker or more sensitive to your damage.
Are direct damage or damage over time abilities.
Are crowd control
Perform an action that temporarily increases damage done by normal abilities.
Defensive abilities.

What worked for me was grouping abilities with the same or similar function together in groups on my action bars starting with the abilities that debuff the enemy (personal buffs go on my inside right column bar) followed by the abilities that do the temporary increasing of the damage, followed by damaging abilities.  CC's and defensive abilities I put in the original UI boxes.

Certainly not rocket science and I may be totally embarrassing my self as this could be how people have been doing it all along.  I had to laugh out of the other side of my face the other day when I was going through my Enhancement shimmy's abilities and found something I wasn't using and didn't even know was there!

Also, its a good idea to read through your passive skills.  They may help you figure out a better rotation!

So that's is for now. 

Thank for playing.....please, come back again gets lonely up here sometimes.


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