Thursday, February 20, 2014

What me favorite Tank?

So the other day I decided to try and to the Mogu, Troll, and Seige raids....all at once, one after the other in order.  I have two tanks (Tsutai: The Monk, and Tessitura: The Warrior) that are sorely lacking gear.  My raid mate, Suzie, had asked if she could tag along and as we were waiting for the Queue to pop she asked me what my favorite class is to tank on.

I found this question amusing cuz prior to my Worgen Druid, Mezzaneen I was about as good at tanking as I am fixing rocket ships.  I tried several times on all the different classes available prior to Cata, and although I firmly belive that my ability to play WOW finally peaked during Wrath, tanking at that point was just fucking scarey.

Having discovered healing during Wrath (Thanks to Jeff and Jessica...not that they tricked me or anything) I was no stranger to being blamed for the group wiping.  Never mind the jerk off tank that pulled everything (back when you had to CC), or the damn Mage that never targeted the Tanks target or the Kuntard auto shooting at the boss....( did I spell for me!) and then blaming the tank for not being able to hold aggro.  Being on the listening side of all the berating tanks could be the target of, and then watching a good tank do their thang and not understanding just what the hell they were doing was enough to put me off of it.  Until, of course, the altaholic part of my brain would NOT allow one moment of peace until I gave it another shot.

Call it kizmit, call it serendipity, call it something happening at just the right time it needed to happen but I rolled Mezzaneen and for the first time was able to "bond" with a tank toon, which meant I was learning to play the class, because Mezzaneen deserved it weather I wanted to or not (a phenomenon to date that would seem to be mine and mine alone as far as I know).  I believe, at this time, there had been a change to tanking, making it easier in general, and then there was the addition of vengeance boosting attack power each time you get bopped on the noggin, making it easier to keep threat as it was often a DPS issue.

So, what is the answer to the question?  What is my favorite class to tank on?  Well there is my favorite and the one I think is the easiest.  Being that I am not the kind of person that thrives on mastering the difficult (although, why I always want to roll the lowest ranking DPS specs is a mystery), and try to think, overall which of the classes is the easiest to heal, and considering which Tank I know best how to play, I would have to say that my answer is in order of favorite to least favorite:  Druid, DK, Monk, Palladin (Although shes only level 40), Warrior.

As far as what I think is the easiest: DK, Monk, Druid, Pally, Warrior.

The hurtle with me and Warriors is getting around the fact that they are the only Tanking class without a heal that you can use at any time.  I know they have a lot of mitigation, but having a heal that I can use at just about anytime on any of the other classes makes them my first choice. there is a little more about me.

Thanks for listening!


Oh...and I never did all the raids...I think just parts one and two of the Mogu stuff...I got bored...SORRY!!!

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